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Are Your Emotions Holding You Back from Success?

Jody explains why shifting means letting go of emotions that are holding you back, including those you “absorb” from others.

3 Things Anyone Can Do to Be Happy

Jody shares three simple ways to go from “drift” to “shift.”

Amazing People and Their Struggles

In interviewing people with amazing stories of shift for her book, Jody found they shared struggles and life experiences. She explains these common experiences and how they spurred people to shift.

Time to Shift? 8 Questions to Ask

Jody shares the questions that will help people know they need to make a shift.

How to Come Out Happy When Tragedy Hits

Sometimes it is hard to see where your path is going or to know if you are even on it, especially if it involves tragedy, health issues or a sense of despair. Jody explains how paying attention to how you feel and the signs that appear can show the path forward.

Follow the Signs to Shift

“Pay close attention to what you see and hear, and more importantly, imagine,” Jody says. “The capacity of our brains to realize our desires is strong.” She shares how to recognize signs that you need to make a shift.

Parents, Pressure and Finding Yourself

How and why do our parents put pressure on us and how do we find our own voice? When you are raised with stratospheric expectations, how do you find your own way? Jody shares answers for young people struggling with these questions.

Fighting for Kids with Disabilities

When she learned from a pediatric neurologist that one of her children was disabled, Jody responded by starting an activity group for disabled toddlers and later a nonprofit with other parents of disabled children to raise money for special education classes. She discusses the challenges facing disabled children and their parents.

Want Success and Happiness? Follow the Your Inner Voice

Jody tells how to listen to our inner voice when it comes to finding what we are meant to do in life.

How to Handle a Mean Boss Who Berates You

The secret, Jody says, is “let them rant on, not react, and align ourselves with our true nature. When we do this, even the most contentious of work environments becomes tolerable.” She tells how.

C-Suite Stories of Shift

How did the CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort’s life change forever? How did JP Morgan’s Venture Capital Executive make a shift? Jody shares stories of leaders making inspiring changes from her book, “From DRIFT to SHIFT.”

How to Find Love That Lasts

Are you with the love of your life? If not, what can you do to change that? Jody explains.

Love: The Fuel that Powers Great Organizations

Jody shares examples from her book of leaders who love their work, their mission and their potential to change lives.

The Value in Meditation and Reflection

Jody explains the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness, including increased sensory acuity, cognitive function and growth toward full mental potential.
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