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In her new book, Career and Life Coach Jody B. Miller shares her roadmap to achieve true meaning and happiness in work and life

Imagine that you are on your morning commute and you can’t wait to get to work. You don’t even think of it as work, because you love it so much. Imagine you are in a relationship that you only dreamed of in fairytales, and you know with certainty that it will last forever.

Some of us enjoy these experiences already, while others of us must wake up and face reality. We’re just not there yet.

We all desire to be happy in our work and in our personal lives. Yet a recent Gallup Poll reports that at least a third of us are not. We spend more than 30 percent of our lives doing something we hate, or we stay in relationships that make us miserable, just drifting along.

Why do we stay in professional and personal situations that we loathe? Is it a fear of risking the unknown? Is it a refusal to follow our hearts? Is it a need for security? Is it a lack of self-esteem? Career and Life Coach Jody B. Miller explains why this is, and how we can change it, in her new book, “From DRIFT to SHIFT: How Change Can Bring True Meaning and Happiness to Your Work and Life.”

“The bottom line is that most of us refuse ourselves the chance to follow our hearts and do the things we know will truly give our lives meaning and make us happy,” she says. “We often don’t feel useful or worthy in life, which forces us to sink into a despair that is trapping and seemingly impossible to escape from.”

“From DRIFT to SHIFT” is written to “pluck anyone out of this dangerous way of thinking and inspire them to make tangible change and reinvent themselves as a person who is wealthy, happy and gets up every morning with nothing but boundless excitement for the day ahead,” Jody says.

The roadmaps in the book are supported by stories of people who have overcome major challenges and obstacles to achieve purpose, success and happiness every day. These people include leading venture capitalists, CEOs, Ph.D.s, artists and more. The Foreword to “From DRIFT to SHIFT” is written by leading venture capitalist and author Brad Feld.

“From DRIFT to SHIFT” is written for anyone seeking happiness and looking to find meaning in work and life, from college students and stay-at-home parents to C-Level managers, educators and other professionals. It’s for anyone who faces challenges and needs inspiration to overcome them.

Here are a few of the outstanding testimonials to the book:

“The stories in From Drift to Shift probe the meanings and motivations that guide us and keep us going.” —Dalton Delan, PBS Television

“The stories in From Drift to Shift are like Ted Talks. You will be inspired to follow your own dreams and desires. There are no roadblocks.” —Ray Bourhis, Partner, Attorney

“Jody is the Studs Terkel of our time.” —Kristen Johnson, NBC Television

Known as “The Work Happiness Expert,” Jody is CEO of C2C Executive Search & Strategic Consulting. She has worked more than 12 years as a professional Job/Life Coach and Executive Recruiter. Her diverse experience includes work as an investment banker, strategic consultant to Fortune 100 Corporations, CEO of a software start-up, assistant producer for a PBS Television Series, and sales & marketing executive for CBS Television.

Jody challenges her readers “to break free from your shackles and actually do something to grasp that meaning in life that now only appears to be a dream.”

“It’s taken me over a decade, but I truly believe I’ve discovered the roadmap to getting there,” she says.

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PRESS RELEASE (March 14, 2017): Career and Life Coach Jody B. Miller’s new eBook, “From DRIFT to SHIFT,” is now available; coming in print this summer

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